Where can I buy a domain name and get cheap web hosting?

I am planning on starting a social networking site of sorts(no more info is needed) I need to find a way to buy an unused domain name, and I need web hosting provider that will work with me on the high traffic of the site…I would love to keep the price low for starters.

Chosen Answer:

Did you know some of the best web hosting companies give you a free domain when you buy their affordable web hosting package? Since you need a lot of transfer space / bandwidth why not go with unlimited bandwidth?

On today’s market there are literally thousands of web hosting providers. Choosing a web host is not so easy task. Once committed to one, it will become very difficult to move your business elsewhere – not to mention the damage that can be done to your business if you make the wrong choice. This makes it very important to “get it right the first time”. Find out as much as you can about your prospective web host before making any decisions.

The perfect web hosting directory (I use it myself) to get an idea of what web hosting companies are the most popular, the most successful, or even the most affordable is http://www.web-host-rankings.com – All the top 10 give you a free domain and offer unlimited bandwidth.

This web hosting directory incorporates in-depth research, first-hand experience, and analysis of comprehensive consumer reviews to rank your top web hosting options.

Also, make sure you get the best deals (extremely important if you are on a budget). You can find web hosting coupons and promo codes that will save you a lot of money when you purchase your web hosting package, the website is http://www.mywebhostingcoupons.com

And finally, while doing your research, make sure that you are using credible websites, be on the look out for scams.

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on: 27th July 09